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Borosilicate Glass
Graduation Accuracy:
± 5% of Full Capacity
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These glass beakers are meticulously crafted from premium borosilicate glass, making them extremely durable and resistant to chemicals. These beakers also feature easy-pour spouts which allows for controlled and spill-free pouring.

Each beaker contains accurate and clearly marked graduations, ensuring reliable volume measurements in every use. They are also all equipped with a sturdy and stable base, minimizing the risk of spills and providing a secure platform for your liquid handling needs.

Key Features

    • Borosilicate glass
    • Easy-pouring spout
    • Graduation Accuracy: ±5% of full capacity
    • Wide range of sizes available
    • Chemical resistant
    • Sturdy and stable base
    • Uniform wall thickness (ideal for heating applications)


Item No. Capacity Graduation Interval Quantity
10020-50A 50 mL 10 mL Pack of 10
10020-100A 100 mL 10 mL Pack of 10
10020-200A 200 mL 25 mL Pack of 10
10020-300A 300 mL 50 mL Pack of 10
10020-500A 500 mL 50 mL Pack of 10
10020-1000A 1000 mL 100 mL Pack of 6
10020-2000 2000 mL 250 mL 1 Each
10020-3000 3000 mL 250 mL 1 Each