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Our precision, serialized thermometers are encapsulated in FEP. The armor is constructed of nickel-plated brass. These are ideal for use in laboratories, universities, food/beverage, environmental, wastewater, and many other general-purpose applications. In the event of breakage the FEP coating contains the broken glass and liquid fill, preventing injury or contamination. The armor protects the thermometer from rough handling and shock during use.

Key Features:

  • Includes FEP encapsulation and nickel-plated brass armor
  • Feature safety blue fill against a white background for easy reading
  • Wide variety of temperature ranges available

Specifications Chart:

Item No. Temperature Range Temperature Resolution Immersion Type Length
80701E-A -30 to 120°F 2°F Total 12 in.
80702E-A -4 to 230°F 2°F Total 12 in.
80703E-A 0 to 300°F 2°F Total 12 in.
80704E-A 30 to 220°F 2°F Total 15.38 in.
80706E-A -35 to 50°C 1°C Total 12 in.
80707E-A -20 to 110°C 1°C Total 12 in.
80708E-A -20 to 150°C 1°C Total 12 in.
80901E-A -30 to 120°F 2°F Partial 12 in.
80902E-A -4 to 230°F 2°F Partial 12 in.
80903E-A 0 to 300°F 2°F Partial 12 in.
80904E-A 30 to 220°F 2°F Partial 15.38 in.
80906E-A -35 to 50°C 1°C Partial 12 in.
80907E-A -20 to 110°C 1°C Partial 12 in.
80908E-A -20 to 150°C 1°C Partial 12 in.