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Product Code:120172

UPC Code:HS120172

Sample organization for the busy lab.
Hard wearing sample storage trays that can be used for specimen containers with the insert provided, of for general lab products without the insert.

  • Lightweight and sturdy to hold up to 24 full specimen containers (up to 58 mm in diameter). Specimen containers not included.
  • Removable insert to allow outer shell to be used for storage or transportation of laboratory products
  • Stackable with other trays to support as many as four high
  • Integrated label holder and cards to enable easily changed identification
  • Able to be cleaned with common disinfectants and germicides.
  • Tray dimensions 480 x 331 x 84 mm
Sample Storage Tray, Urine Sample Tray

  • USD $67.98 /Each
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HS120172 120172 Not available