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RF1000 (ROTA FILLER 1000)

Product Code:HEA1000RFU

UPC Code:HS1000RFU

Lightweight and easy to use!

The RF1000 is a manual pipette controller and is uniquely designed for one-handed operation.

Simply squeeze the main bulb and push the toggle forward to aspirate or back to dispense. Push the blowout bulb to expel any liquid remaining in the pipette.

  • Tapered silicone pipette adapter allows a large range of pipette sizes ranging 1-100 mL, replaceable when worn
  • Includes a  0.45 μm filter to protect your sample and internal components
Pipette nozzle: Polypropylene, Autoclavable
Dimensions: 180 x 45 x 120 mm
One Year Warranty

  • USD $57.00 /Each
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