Reduce the possibility of mistakes in the lab

You have great technicians in the lab. But their success will always be tied to the equipment and supplies they use.

When the equipment they use is reliable and works as intended/expected without unexpected downtime, they’re free to do their best work. 

The possibility of mistakes is always present. But controlling more variables in the forensic lab lets you shrink that possibility to an increasinbly microscopic size. 

And when they do their best work, your stress eases up just a little, because you know how high the stakes are with every forensic investigation. 

We design and manufacture benchtop lab equipment and forensic lab supplies that help you scale back the possibility of mistakes.

How to overcome friction around your lab essentials and benchtop equipment.

Space in precious in your forensic lab. Tight quarters and shared equipment often lead to friction between staff. It’s one of the most common reasons for staff turnover.  So how do you overcome friction around shared space?

1. Build more efficient workstations.

Look for the smallest footprint possible for your stirrers and shakers and centrifuges - all your essentials.

2. Organize spaces better.

Color coding helps spaces stay organized. It’s one of the reasons we manufacture products like tube racks in a rainbow of colors. Have your technicians identified places where better organization would help? Look for the color coded solution on our website.

Shared equipment has been known to cause heated conversations in the lab. So how do you overcome friction around shared equipment?

3. Find a way to reduce the need to share essentials.

Put more essential lab equipment in every bench space. If you have a mini centrifuge that won’t need maintenance and won’t break down for the next 5 years, you can reallocate the repair and maintenance budget from your old mini centrifuge to buying a few more of these reliable units (your 5-year warranty from us almost guarantees it won’t break down).

4. Invest in multi-function instruments.

Equipment like the MagFuge multifunction bundle only occupies a small amount of space, allows operators to spin or stir their samples, and costs half of what you’d pay for a dedicated mini centrifuge and magnetic stirrer. Put a few in your lab and suddenly there’s a lot less sharing (and arguing).

Lab essentials and supplies that make it seem like you have an inexhaustible budget.

Develop new, innovative methods in your department

Alleviate the pressure on your lab with innovative ideas that don’t require a huge investment.

A mobile DNA lab with fast and easy workflow helps a traditional DNA lab work more efficiently (and might even free up some space to develop, test, and validate new methods to increase throughput in the lab). 

Or, for labs that want to expand into forensic DNA, a mobile lab is an excellent and frugal starting point.

The benchtop equipment and forensic lab supplies you need to do good science is ready to ship to your lab today with a low minimum order, so you aren’t held back by your budget.

There’s benchtop forensic lab equipment you didn’t even know exists. And it could make your work easier.

Every year, on average, we release 15 new products. 

Products we see you need. Products you say will make your job easier. Products you won’t find anywhere else.

The lab equipment industry is stuck in a rut. And to enable better forensic science, we have to change the way we look at what we make.

When we design lab products here in Illinois, we pay special attention to the fact that: 

Your budget isn’t infinite.
The work you do is life-changing and highly scrutinized.

So we find creative ways to cut the cost of manufacturing without losing any quality. 

We’re pretty good at it. Want to see?

Work with the confidence of a better guarantee

You get a quality guarantee when you buy from us. That comes in the form of a 5 year warranty on every piece of benchtop equipment we manufacture.

And we don’t think you’ll ever have to use it. 

Our products are audited by third party QC providers. And they currently score almost 100% for reliability.

Retain your staff in the face of increasing demands & scrutiny

Staff turnover can be a big problem for forensic labs. Especially when hiring is as hard as it is today.

And the main reason staff leave a lab is because of friction between coworkers. 

And guess what causes friction between coworkers?

Sharing. Sharing space. Sharing equipment. Sharing processes. Sharing deadlines. Sharing stress.

So, if you can use space better, and if you can use equipment budget better, you can overcome the most common reasons staff leave. 

You can reduce everybody’s stress (even your own!)

We build essential lab equipment to help forensic lab managers overcome exactly these problems.