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Watch students get skilled, excited, and prepared for the future. Make managing the departmental budget less stressful. This is how you do it all.

Find everything you need here to keep your lab technicians happy so they’re productive, you retain them, and your job is a little easier.


Make it easier to manage your large volume of samples in the face of evaporating financial and human resources. We're here to support you.


You want to negate the possibility of errors in the lab, and maintain your frugal budgetary track record.  And you need to cut equipment downtime. Get started below.

Why trust the Heathrow Scientific Brand?

Know your work won’t be stifled by your gear

Our obsession with quality control makes your lab’s supplies and equipment the most reliable you’ve ever worked with. Independent audits confirm.


reliability on equipment


reliability on supplies

Stock your lab with products that inspire and motivate your team

Our products are designed with you and work in mind.  We have laboratory professionals on our R&D team with the goal to make your work easier and more productive.

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