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Borosilicate Glass
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Our Separatory Funnels are an excellent tool for liquid-liquid extractions, phase separations, and chemical processes in laboratories. Whether you're in a research laboratory, educational institution, or industrial setting, our separatory funnels empower you to achieve the highest standards of accuracy in your separation procedures.
These separatory funnels feature smooth tooled tips, large white block letters, and large marking squares. Each funnel is made from borosilicate tubing with a low coefficient of expansion, and are supplied with PTFE stopcocks, which eliminates freezing and lubricant contamination. 

Key Features

  • Supplied with PTFE stopcocks to eliminate freezing & lubricant contamination
  • Made from high-quality borosilicate tubing with a low coefficient of expansion
  • Features smooth tooled tips, white block letters, & large marking squares
  • Squibb style


Item No. Capacity Stopper No. Stopcock Plug Size Quantity
1426T-300 300 mL 24/40 4 Pack of 1
1426T-500 500 mL 24/40 4 Pack of 1
1426T-1000 1000 mL 29/42 6 Pack of 1
1426T-2000 2000 mL 29/42 6 Pack of 1