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About Heathrow Scientific

Heathrow Scientific is a global manufacturer of bench top equipment and lab essentials that deliver design, function and innovation. Our products are used in life sciences and clinical applications as well as academic and government research. We push the boundaries and make new and better ways of lab work possible by supplying everyday labware and equipment that solve problems, improve productivity, save space and deliver value.


Magnetic Induction Stirrer

Take a closer look at Heathrow's Magnetic Induction Stirrer.


Slide Products & Accessories

Take a closer look at Heathrow Scientific's Slide Products & Accessories, which offers a wide range of products for processing, storing and transporting of microscope slides.


Liquid Handling

From pipette controllers and bulbs for precision dispensing, reagent reservoirs and reagent chillers, to pipetting accessories and storage needs, Heathrow has an extensive portfolio of products to meet all liquid handling needs.


Vortexer US/UK/EU

Heathrow Scientific highlights the features of their Vortexer.


The Most Versatile Lab Drying Rack In The Market

The possibilities are endless for this innovative rack. Holding up to 77 lbs and ranging from small to large to small items, using on counter or mounting on the wall, and use of small or large angled pegs with a SureGrip Hook that holds items securely, feel safe about no breakage.


Innovative Laboratory Equipment - 5 Year Warranty and 99.7% Reliability Rating

We offer a modern design and innovation with our wide selection of centrifuges, magnetic stirrers, shakers, vortex mixers, electronic pipette, colony counter and more. We continue to grow our laboratory equipment line with multiple new product releases every year that includes first of their kind innovations like our hybrid centrifuge and magnetic stirrer, the MagFuge.


Personal Protection Equipment for a safe working environment.

With the increased demand for workplace safety, we are showcasing just a few of the many Personal Protection products Heathrow Scientific offers. From glasses dispensers and glove holders, to workstation dispensing bins, Heathrow Scientific has lab safety covered.


MagFuge – The industry's first centrifuge and magnetic stirrer, in one unit!

The MagFuge® by Heathrow Scientific is the industry’s first high-speed centrifuge and magnetic stirrer, combined into one unit. This design innovation enables a substantial cost savings for labs by not having to purchase two pieces of equipment, a stirrer and a centrifuge, because the MagFuge® does it all.


Magnetic Mini Stirrer – Stirring like you’ve never stirred before

The Mini Magnetic Stirrer by Heathrow Scientific is an economical solution made for ultimate function with optimal magnetic coupling to ensure dependable stirring efficiency. 

A powerful magnetic coupling of the high-quality stir bar and the stirrer ensures consistent accurate alignment which significantly reduces spinouts during acceleration or deceleration of spin speeds and ensure maximum stirring performance, every time.


Digital Orbital Shaker - Compact and packed full of high-end design features

The Digital Orbital Shaker by Heathrow Scientific is compact yet packed full of high-end features making it a dependable and versatile shaker for a vast range of protocols.  

A soft-start feature reduces spills from full vessels and adjustable speeds accommodate sensitive sample agitation to more vigorous applications.

Gusto - High Speed Mini Centrifuge

The compact centrifuge is ideal for protocols calling for fast spins with a higher RCF requirement.  ideal for PCR microfilter cell separation, clinical & diagnostic applications and HPLC protocols.  




Vortexer - AU/JAP

A truly great product is ultimately defined by its functional design.

Changing mixing heads can cost you valuable time and money when constantly switching sample vessels.  But with the Vortexer, the head stays on and researchers can perform several operations in a single mixing platform.

This one mixing head can accommodate tubes ranging in size from .2ml to 50ml and also has room for a standard assay plate. And for those high-volume or tight deadline mixes, a center pad area can be used for quick touch operation.