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Product Code:120554

UPC Code:HS120554

The Pipette Starter Kit by Heathrow Scientific is convenient for new labs or for customers who want a new set of pipettors covering the most commonly used volumes. The kit includes 3 single channel Pearl Pipettes, a Universal Carousel Pipette Stand and Reagent Reservoirs–all at a value price!

Pearl® Pipettes
Pearl Pipettes by Heathrow Scientific were specifically engineered for ease of use and comfort. The sleek, ergonomic design and reduced plunger pressure help reduce the chance of Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI), as the pipettes require 2/3 the operation pressure of most standard pipettes. A complete range of single and multi-channel Pearl pipettes are available.

Each pipette is tested in accordance with standards and a calibration certificate is supplied. Manufactured in accordance with ISO08655 and GLP regulations.

Universal Carousel Pipette Stand
Hold and store pipettes in style with the Universal Carousel Pipette Stand by Heathrow Scientific that holds up to 8 single channel, 4 multi channel, or a combination of both pipettes. A sleek and modern design enables this stand to securely hold virtually every known brand of pipette in the marketplace making it truly ‘universal’ while adding a pop of color to a bench top.

Reagent Reservoirs
Multi-channel reservoirs by Heathrow Scientific are superior in every way with thicker walls, crush-resistant “turrets” at the corners, easy pour-spouts, 25 mL graduation marks, and tabs to prevent stacked reservoirs from sticking together.

Kit Includes:

1 - Universal Carousel Pipette Stand - Assorted Colors
1 - Pearl Pipette Volume Range 2–20 μL
1 - Pearl Pipette Volume Range 20–200 μL
1 - Pearl Pipette Volume Range 100–1000 μL
5 - Reagent Reservoirs 50 mL Sterile

This kit offers over $150.00 in savings compared to purchasing the kit components separably!
  • USD $350.86 /Each
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HS120554 120554 In stock Each