Top 5 Heathrow Weighing Products to Improve Production and Lower Costs

Top 5 Heathrow Weighing Products to Improve Production and Lower Costs

Mar 28, 2024

Sample handling is a fundamental aspect of laboratory work worldwide. Accurate weighing and measurement are essential for conducting tests on samples effectively. While numerous products cater to sample measuring, we've curated a list of our five best sample handling products crucial for your lab needs.

#5 - smartBoats™ Biodegradable Paper Weighing Boats

Coming in at number 5, we have smartBoats , the biodegradable solution to sample weighing. Made from grease-proof paper that can handle temperatures up to 210° Celsius, these weigh boats are perfect for any food sample handling. Even better, they are naturally biodegradable in the standard waste system, making disposal and clean-up a breeze.

#4 - Sterile Sampling Scoops

While not directly used in weighing, sampling scoops are essential during the sample weighing process, allowing for easy sample retrieval of granules, powders, and pastes. These single use sampling scoops are designed with contamination prevention in mind, being sterilized by electron beam and individually wrapped. With multiple sizes, these sampling scoops are a must-have in any lab.

#3 - Diamond Weighing Boats

Up next, we have the Diamond Weighing Boats. These polystyrene boats are specially designed to minimize sample loss. The diamond shape is easily flexible, allowing for accurate pouring, and the wide, flat bottom resists tipping. Not only that, but these weigh boats are safe for food testing as well, made from FDA food grade polystyrene and able to be used in microwave moisture analyzers. All these features make the Diamond Weighing Boats essential for any lab trying to ensure minimal sample loss (AKA every lab ever).

#2 - Capsule Counting Tray - Rectangle

While a little more niche, this capsule counting tray is essential for labs handling pills and capsules. The corner pour spout and ergonomic spatula included with the tray allow for precise counting of samples. Not only that, but these trays are also available in sterile versions and are designed to be disposable to prevent chemical cross-contamination. For any lab handling capsules or pills, these trays are a necessity!

#1 - Aluminum Weighing Boats

Last but certainly not least, we have our family of disposable Aluminum Weigh Boats. These boats are sturdy yet lightweight with a smooth bottom for easy sample handling. They come in various capacities from 8 to 140 mL to perfectly suit your diverse needs. Their smooth or crinkled walls provide rigidity, and they are easily disposable for your safety and convenience. Elevate your lab or workspace with these versatile Aluminum Weighing Boats today.