New! Clinical Benchtop Centrifuge: Setting a New Standard

New! Clinical Benchtop Centrifuge: Setting a New Standard

Posted by Celia Sanchez on Aug 16, 2023

Pioneering Compliance: Elevating Centrifugation to Meet New IVDR Standards

As the landscape of laboratory diagnostics evolves, so do the regulations that govern them. At Heathrow Scientific, we've taken these changes as an opportunity to innovate and lift our products to new heights. We've channeled our expertise and resources into designing a centrifuge that not only meets the rigorous requirements of the new IVD Regulations, but also surpasses your expectations in precision, operational efficiency, and reliability.

With that ethos in mind, we’re thrilled to present our latest portfolio addition, a testament to innovation, diligence, and our commitment to your evolving needs.

The Clinical Benchtop Centrifuge
Maximum Power. Minimal Maintenance. 

Compact in size, the Clinical Centrifuge maximizes your workspace without compromising its power. It delivers adjustable speeds, ranging from 500 to 6,000 RPM, and can be set to either RPM or RCF. You're kept in complete control, with memory for up to 8 custom programs and an adjustable timer of 30 seconds to 60 minutes (or continuous). The rapid acceleration and gentle electronic braking ensures delicate samples are brought up to speed or slowed to a stop in less than 60 seconds. The digitally controlled brushless motor guarantees accuracy while making the unit maintenance free!

Innovative Design, Seamless Experience

The Clinical Centrifuge is not only about performance – it's about user experience. The easy-to-read digital display provides a simple and intuitive settings menu, while the manual buttons respond to your touch even through several layers of gloves. The 8-place rotor supports a variety of tube sizes and can be removed without tools for effortless loading and cleaning. The clear lid features a viewing porthole for non-contact speed verification.

Safety First, Second, and Third

Your safety and samples are paramount. Our centrifuge possesses built-in safety measures, preventing operation during lid openings, jams, or imbalances. In case of a power failure, the manual lid unlock ensures your precious samples are safeguarded from loss or contamination.

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Our latest Clinical Benchtop Centrifuge represents a leap forward in centrifugation technology, where precision meets practicality, and innovation serves you. Elevate your centrifugation game with a tool that doesn't just meet standards – it sets them.