Heathrow Scientific's We Care Initiative: Making a Sustainable Impact

Heathrow Scientific's We Care Initiative: Making a Sustainable Impact

Posted by Celia Sanchez on Aug 09, 2023

At Heathrow Scientific, we are driven by a social responsibility that extends beyond our products and services. Our We Care initiative reflects our dedication to not only our employees and customers, but also the communities we operate in and the planet we share. We're excited to share with you the purposeful steps we're taking towards a more sustainable future. 

Our Vision of We Care

For a comprehensive understanding of our We Care initiative, we invite you to explore our new  Sustainability Statement. This statement outlines our firm commitment to fostering positive change and the steps we've taken thus far to embody it.

A Collaboration for a Cause

This month, we are proud to highlight a meaningful project that aligned perfectly with our We Care initiative. We repurposed products worth a staggering $28,848 that were previously used for tradeshow displays and movie props. These products, though no longer suitable for resale, were far from the end of their use.

Instead of allowing these valuable items to go to waste, we identified two outstanding organizations that share our commitment to making science research and education more accessible around the world:

Seeding the Labs

Seeding Labs' Instrumental Access program empowers talented scientists in developing countries by providing them with essential resources for life-changing research. By equipping these scientists, the program addresses global health issues and fosters the education of the next generation. This award-winning initiative supports universities and institutions with tailored shipments of laboratory equipment and supplies.

Visit Seeding Labs at https://seedinglabs.org/

Bio-Link Depot

Bio-Link Depot is a unique organization that champions scientific training by supplying educators and researchers with donated laboratory equipment and supplies. Our collaboration with Bio-Link Depot has enabled underserved institutions to expand their science education and research programs. 

Discover more about Bio-Link Depot at https://biolinkdepot.org/

A Second Life for Quality Equipment

The items we donated were in impeccable condition. From centrifuges to pipettors, notebooks to lab mats, every piece of equipment was carefully inspected and tested to verify it was in perfect working order. This effort ensures these items will be used as intended, contributing to scientific progress, and not filling up a junkyard.

The Future of We Care

Our journey towards sustainability and social responsibility is an ongoing one. The We Care initiative will continue to evolve and encompass an even broader scope of new programs and action. Stay tuned for more updates and opportunities to get involved as we strive to make a positive impact on the world around us.