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Measuring Range:
100mm and 200mm Sample Cells with Bubble Trap
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Our Manual Polarimeter features a full circular scale of ±180°. With the use of the Vernier scale, rotations can be measured to an accuracy of 0.1° (an experienced user can potentially achieve accuracy of 0.05°). The rugged design allows for heavy use at the instructional level.

Measurements are made by rotating the Vernier scale disc with the coarse/fine controls; which, in turn, adjusts the analyzer. The large diameter of the Vernier scale disc allows for highly sensitive comparisons of half shadows resulting in accuracy typically not possible with manual polarimeters. The optical assembly (vernier scale disc, polarizer, analyzer, & sample compartment) is tilted 15° from horizontal. This results in more convenient and comfortable operation.

The polarizer is fitted with a thin, high-quality, 2-part quartz disc with produces the divided (2 half shadows) field of view. When the 2 half shadows are viewed during measurements, right-shadow shading indicates a dextrorotary sample and left-side shading indicates a levorotatory sample.

Key Features

  • Includes 100mm and 200mm sample cells with bubble trap
  • Rugged design and simple operation
  • Quality control & instructional applications
  • Wide measurement range of ±180°
  • Potential accuracy up to ±0.1°
  • LED light source
  • Power Output: 110/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz (comes with a 110 VAC U.S. power cord)


Item No. Measuring Range Resolution Accuracy Power Size Dimensions Weight
4601P ±180° 0.1° ±0.1° 110 VAC (U.S. Plug) 18.1 x 5.5 x 13 in 11.5 lbs