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Pack of 6
Borosilicate Glass
Scale Type:
Double Metric
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These high-quality graduated cylinders are made out premium borosilicate glass and comply with ASTM E-1272 standards, guaranteeing your investment in high-quality glassware. With their exceptional quality, precise accuracy, and ease of use, they are a great tool to use for all of your liquid handling needs.

Each graduated cylinder features a double metric scale, which is calibrated to contain, ensuring that the results of your experiments are precise and trustworthy. These graduated cylinders also feature an easy-pour spout, which allows for a controlled and drip-free pour, preventing spillage. All sizes come with a hexagonal base for added stability and contain white enamel graduation markings that are easy to read, minimizing measurement errors.

Key Features

  • Made out of high-quality borosilicate glass
  • Double metric scale
  • Graduated "to contain"
  • Contains durable white enamel graduation markings
  • Feature hexagonal bases for added stability
  • All sizes come with a protective bumper guard
  • Calibration Temperature: 68°F (20°C)
  • Exceeds ASTM E-1272 Standards


Item No. Capacity Graduation Intervals Tolerance Quantity
2355-10 10 mL 0.1 mL ±0.10 mL Pack of 6
2355-25 25 mL 0.2 mL ±0.30 mL Pack of 6
2355-50 50 mL 1.0 mL ±0.40 mL Pack of 6
2355-100 100 mL 1.0 mL ±0.60 mL Pack of 6