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About Us

Discover Who We Are

Heathrow Scientific is a global manufacturer of bench top equipment and lab essentials that deliver design, function and innovation. Our products are used in life sciences and clinical applications as well as academic and government research. We push the boundaries and make new and better ways of lab work possible by supplying everyday labware and equipment that solve problems, improve productivity, save space and deliver value.

Since 1996...

Over the past several years Heathrow Scientific has built a strong and in-depth product portfolio that started from just two products, 100 place and 25 place slide boxes. Today, the portfolio includes over 800 laboratory items which span multiple scientific categories.

Did you know, on average Heathrow Scientific releases 15 new products, each year?  In fact, 30% of Heathrow Scientific’s business comes from products introduced in the past three years.  This is also powered by a substantial track record of quality engineering that that starts with product development and continues through manufacturing processes.  Our strict standards include 3rd party plant reviews and 100% multi-level product inspections. These actions result in a 99.7% reliability on our equipment and 99.99% reliability on our laboratory supplies.




We are an inquisitive bunch focused on understanding the lab science world and how to make a difference. It’s curiosity that enables us to see what’s next and move lab work beyond yesterday’s way of thinking. We change, we adapt and we expect creative thinking and solutions from everyone we align with. We don’t just make lab products, we make the work lab professionals do easier, more efficient and more fun.


Trusted Partnerships

Heathrow Scientific has become a trusted partner to distributors, both large and small, globally. We realize our distribution network plays a pivotal role in helping us build relationships with our customers and gain insight on how we can improve our products to better fill customer’s needs. We offer a wide range of products and provide customer service excellence making it easy to do business with us.


Products and Innovations

Our lab essentials and bench top equipment are designed to stimulate the mind.  With a spectrum of colors and modern styles, our products are versatile, where one item can be used for multiple functions and is adaptable so it can be used or stored in a variety of configurations.  From centrifuges to shakers, pipettes, slide boxes, tube racks, weigh boats, everyday labware and more, our in depth product offering is designed for sample collection, process analysis, transport and storage.  We have earned multiple patents over the years and been nominated for several innovation awards.  


Customer Service and Support

For product, technical and ordering support, we have you covered. Heathrow Scientific has an experienced, knowledgeable and responsive customer service team as well as a technical support that are ready and available to help. Further, we have dedicated sales managers to help educate and train your team on how to sell our products and select a product mix that is right for your offering to your target customers. We offer customized collateral options as well as other sales tool support.


Engineering, OEM and Industrial Design

Heathrow Scientific has in-house product engineering and R&D teams that are dedicated to delivering quality, innovative, efficient, and compact solutions that customers can rely on. We have a range of capabilities from private labeling to product development, design, packaging and manufacturing.



Our stocked warehousing ensures your product is available and delivered on time. Heathrow offers a low minimum order quantity as well as the lowest unit of measure eliminating the need to stock cases of products at a time.