Low equipment downtime means you maintain your high sample throughput.

Most wastewater labs work with a ton of samples from different sources 

Municipal wastewater
Animal feeding
Pesticide applications
Oil and gas
Vessel discharges


Then, of course, the samples from those sources can also vary. In a wastewater setting you’re testing crude sewage, you’re testing throughout the treatment process, you’re testing the final water that’s discharged to the environment.

Generally, you worry most about your capital equipment downtime. The big stuff that obviously slows down work.

But problems with your everyday equipment and supplies can slow down throughput just as easily. 

You have enough to worry about with your large equipment. So let us take the worry of all the accumulated small stuff off your shoulders. 

Equipment from Heathrow Scientific has less downtime than equivalent equipment from other manufacturers. Combine that with easy-to-organize supplies (with simple innovations like color coding), and you have a stress-free foundation supporting your high throughput.

How to get the best value for your wastewater or environmental testing lab

So how do you narrow down lab equipment that gives you the most value?

1. Look for trustworthy quality verification.

You can get more instrument uptime with products you know live up to the quality claims manufacturers make by looking for 3rd party quality verification (everything we manufacture is tested and reviewed by 3rd parties).

2. Look for a small footprint.

A crammed lab is hard to work in. A lot of stuff competes for valuable bench space. It’s hard to stay organized, especially your large volume of samples and wide range of test methods. So choose equipment that acknowledges the tight spaces and helps you work harmoniously in them.

3. Look for multi-function equipment.

Lab equipment that can do more than one thing, like this Magfuge that can stir or spin samples, saves budget, space, and time. It doesn’t need any special tools, and it’s a simple design that’s proven to have less spin-outs as a stirrer and less downtime as a centrifuge than other models.

4. Look for something you’ll enjoy working with.

You and your colleagues will use this lab equipment every day. And you want to do everything you can to combat turnover (because staff resources are limited in the field). So look for something colorful and bright that has a positive impact on the workplace. It might seem like a small detail, but the value you get by retaining staff through choices like this is enormous.

Want a hand finding lab equipment that ticks all those boxes?

What kind of guarantees do you get?

You get a quality guarantee. That comes in the form of a 5 year warranty on every piece of benchtop equipment we manufacture.

And we don’t think you’ll ever have to use it. 

Our products are audited by a third party QC provider. And they currently score almost 100% for reliability.

So put them through hard days and watch as your stress dries up a little more every day.