Sustainable Practices

Considerate Innovation

At Heathrow Scientific, we consider environmental factors throughout the entire product development process. From the materials we use, to our packaging and transport, to how a product is used and disposed of, you can be certain each of these decisions were carefully weighed against their ecological impact.


And when a greener answer isn’t readily available to us, we innovate one. We trim the excess, eliminating unnecessary plastic, paper, and manufacturing resources to provide more efficient and eco-friendly services from start to finish. We play the long game, laying out our products’ life cycles and ensuring each phase has highly accessible options for reuse and recycling.


Sustainable Operations

Our conservative efforts reach beyond our products and into our facilities and daily operations. All our buildings utilize energy-efficient, motion-controlled lighting and regulated temperature control. Our energy expenditure is closely monitored and improved wherever possible. It is simply the standard of our business to conserve resources and minimize waste to provide a clean and economical service that we and our customers can be proud of.

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