Supercharge your grant or annual budget and get better equipped for your research.

Your budget is finite, whether it’s through a grant or your science department. 

And you want to get as much value as possible when you spend that budget. 

That value doesn’t just come from raw dollars. The cost of equipment and supplies to outfit your research. 

It comes from the quality you get (if you spend half as much on a microcentrifuge, but its lifespan is ¼ that of a slightly higher-priced microcentrifuge, did you get better value?).

It comes from how quickly and reliably you can get new supplies when you find out you need them.

It comes from the bench space you save or how easy it is to stay organized with lab products built with your university lab (and its users) in mind.

Feels good to know you can get that value. Doesn’t it?

How to get the best value for your college or university research lab

So how do you narrow down lab equipment that gives you the most value?

1. Look for a small footprint.

A crammed lab is hard to work in. A lot of stuff competes for valuable bench space. So choose equipment that acknowledges the tight spaces and helps you work harmoniously in them.

2. Look for multi-function equipment.

Lab equipment that can do more than one thing, like this Magfuge that can stir or spin samples, saves budget, space, and time. And new users, like grad students, prefer multi-function for the improvements they see in their workflows.

3. Look for trustworthy quality verification.

You can get more instrument uptime with products you know live up to the quality claims manufacturers make by looking for 3rd party quality verification (everything we manufacture is tested and reviewed by 3rd parties).

4. Look for something you’ll enjoy working with.

You and your students or colleagues will use this lab equipment every day. So look for something colorful and bright. Something that doesn’t look like everything else. If you enjoy working with it, that’s added value in our books.

Want a hand finding lab equipment that ticks all those boxes?

Everyday lab equipment and supplies that will make your work more fun, every day.

There’s lab equipment for university research you didn’t even know exists. And it could make your work easier.

Every year, on average, we release 15 new products.


Products we see you need. Products our customers tell us will make their jobs easier. Products you won’t find anywhere else.

Because the lab equipment industry is stuck in a rut. And to enable better science, we have to change the way we look at what we make.

When we build lab products on our production line in Illinois, we pay special attention to the fact that: 

• Your budget isn’t infinite.
• You want to achieve something you care about.

So we find creative ways to cut the cost of manufacturing without losing any quality.

We’re pretty good at it. Want to see?

What kind of guarantees do you get?

You get a quality guarantee. That comes in the form of a 5 year warranty on every piece of benchtop equipment we manufacture.

And we don’t think you’ll ever have to use it. 

Our products are audited by a third party QC provider. And they currently score almost 100% for reliability.

So put them through hard days, and…

Build your legacy.

You want to do work people will remember.

You’re here to make a difference. To question the established order and ask why is it this way? 

To find better ways of doing things in your lab and trigger an avalanche of innovation. 

We live for change. And change in the lab can be hard. 

We craft lab products that make the work you do easier, more efficient, more fun. So disrupting the status quo in your lab isn’t impossible. It’s natural.