Help your team do good work that matters.

There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling hobbled by the equipment in the lab. 

Especially when lab technicians know their work is timely and valuable right now.

Colleagues can take it out on each other. There aren’t quite enough centrifuges for everybody to use when they need. And they’re annoyed that the other tech is in the way when their work is clearly less critical. 

Or you can see it in the quality of their work. They’re stressed because they don’t have everything they need to work at the pace they want. They know there are ways they could be organized better to create efficiencies, but they don’t have what they need to get organized. 


And it hurts the success of the business. 

There’s more staff turnover than any health business wants. Business profits don’t grow the way they should. 

Critical pharma products don’t get into the marketplace where consumers need them. 

But you can help your team do work that matters and overcome all that by working with us for your pharmaceutical lab equipment. 

We use creative product design, color, and fair pricing to help pharmaceutical labs improve worker satisfaction, staff retention, profits, and innovation. 

4 tips to help your team so they feel fulfilled and the business thrives.

Space in precious in the pharmaceutical lab. So how do you overcome friction around shared space?

1. Build better bench spaces.

Look for the smallest footprint possible for your stirrers and shakers and centrifuges - all your essentials.

2. Organize those spaces better.

Color coding helps spaces stay organized. It’s one of the reasons we manufacture products like tube racks in a rainbow of colors. Have your technicians identified places where better organization would help? Look for the color coded solution on our website.

Shared equipment has been known to cause heated exchanges in the lab. So how do you overcome friction around shared equipment?

3. Reduce the need to share essentials.

Put more essential lab equipment in every bench space. If you have a mini centrifuge that won’t need maintenance and won’t break down for the next 5 years, you can reallocate the repair and maintenance budget from your old mini centrifuge to buying a few more of these reliable units (your 5-year warranty from us almost guarantees it won’t break down).

4. Invest in multi-function instruments.

Equipment like the MagFuge only occupies a small amount of space, allows operators to spin or stir their samples, and costs half of what you’d pay for a dedicated mini centrifuge and magnetic stirrer. Put a few in your lab and suddenly there’s a lot less sharing (and arguing).

What kinds of equipment is in a pharmaceutical manufacturer lab?

If you look around the pharmaceutical lab you’ll see all the equipment that stands out. 

The spectrophotometers, refractometers, calorimeters, the TOC analyzer and flow injection analyzer, thermal cycler, and other similar stuff.

But pharmaceutical labs are held together by the everyday equipment and supplies. 

The freezer and tube racks. The weighing boats. The centrifuges and pipettes.

Those essentials can make all the difference in a lab technician’s day. In the challenges you face managing your budget. And in the quality of the work coming out of your lab.

Make sure the essentials aren’t an afterthought.

You've got problems, we've got solutions

A pharma lab assistant works in the lab early in their career, helping more senior scientists get large volumes of work done. 

Sometimes you’re stuck doing the boring work. Filling out forms, recording numbers. 

But you’re also doing cool chemistry with pharmaceutical lab equipment in experiments designed by more experienced scientists in the lab.


You also do simple maintenance and organizing in the work space. 

You take samples, make slides, and set up experiments. You weigh samples, run tests, and gather results, recording them in the correct format.

This is how science progresses. You learn quickly from scientists who learned from their predecessors. You stand on their shoulders so you can eventually lead junior scientists into some great pharmaceutical development. 

When you hear about what frustrates your senior colleagues about the pharmaceutical lab equipment they use right now, follow the link below to find an easy solution for them.