Craft a great workflow for life sciences research and achieve your personal and organizational goals.

You lead a team of scientists who want to do good work. They want to make discoveries. To learn and test their boundaries. 

They don’t want to be held back by the supplies and equipment in the lab. You don’t want that either.

The best thing you can do is free them to build workflows that make sense to them, empowering them to do their best work.

Most life sciences research lab managers or team leaders have the same goals:

Developing staff.
Expanding services.
Improving the working environment for staff.

You also have to be frugal with your budget. Sometimes that conflicts with those goals. 

We manufacture lab equipment and supplies for life sciences research labs that don’t want to compromise. 

So you can achieve your goals while being responsible with the budget. So you can have your cake and eat it too.

4 equipment factors that add value to your life sciences research lab

When you’re sourcing new benchtop equipment to support your staff development, expanded services, and working environment goals, four factors can help you easily identify good value.

1. It’s something new.

We don’t mean a new model of an existing piece of benchtop equipment. We mean something really new, like this multi-function Magfuge bundle that can stir or spin samples and requires no tools to adjust to the application. It saves budget, space, and time. It helps you develop and improve the working environment for staff.

2. The footprint is appropriate for your space.

If you or your staff can accomplish a job using 12 inches of space instead of 24, that smaller footprint is valuable. Saving a few feet of bench space by downsizing some equipment can allow you to bring in new equipment that supports your expanded services.

3. There is reliable quality verification.

Equipment downtime is probably your biggest frustration. You can get more equipment uptime with products you know live up to the quality claims manufacturers make by looking for 3rd party quality verification (everything we manufacture is tested and reviewed by 3rd parties).

4. It makes you smile.

If you enjoy working with a piece of equipment or a line of supplies, that’s added value in our books. In lots of workplaces, managers try to improve the physical working environment for staff with plants and posters. In the lab, splashes of color can come from equipment we craft to buck the trend of bland design.

Want a hand finding lab equipment that ticks all those boxes?

Make it easier to develop your staff

When the right equipment fits into your budget and you’re not scrounging to put together new workstations with scraps, you free up the budget space for staff learning opportunities.

Plus, properly outfitted bench spaces let your staff work at their own pace in a comfortable space. They work more efficiently, learn more while they work.

Expand services as quickly as you want

You also free up the budget and space you need to expand services in the lab. 

The low minimum order quantity you get with us means a low financial barrier of entry into your new services. 

Purchase the supplies you need in small quantities while you work out the kinks in the expanded services.

Improve the work environment for staff

The most common reason cited by lab workers when they leave a job is the friction between colleagues. 

A lot of that friction comes from competing priorities over shared supplies and equipment. 

The single largest thing you can do for staff retention, and to improve the work environment for staff, is to make sure there are fewer points of friction. 

You can do that within your budget by choosing us as your partner.

Work with the most reliable equipment and supplies

Work with the most reliable equipment and supplies

3rd party plant reviews

Keep us from getting too comfortable with our processes

100% multilevel product inspections

We do more on QC on our products than 98% of manufacturers

Know your work won’t be stifled by your gear

Our obsession with quality control makes your lab’s supplies and equipment the most reliable you’ve ever worked with. Independent audits confirm.


reliability on equipment


reliability on supplies

Innovation drives our business. Our business drives your innovation.

Innovation drives our business. Our business drives your innovation.

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Get help crushing your challenges

You want to optimize workflows in the lab - streamlining processes to manage growing workloads.

You’re under pressure to increase lab output.

You want lab size to stop being a limiting factor in the work your team does.

You want to reduce unplanned equipment downtime.

You’re not alone.