K-12 Lab Supplies

Make science exciting, engaging, and easy.

In 2015, a Pew Research Center survey of members of the American Association for the Advancement of Science found 46% said K-12 STEM education in the U.S. was below average.




• Students don’t have reasonable access to instruments that enable science education.
• Students don’t connect with the aged equipment they work with in science class.
• Teachers don’t have the tools to get students engaged. 
• Department heads don’t have the budget to update equipment as often as they (and teachers, and students) want.
• Students all want to be social media influencers.


Want to know how to overcome every one of these hurdles?

3 tips to get exciting equipment in school science labs on a budget.

It’s been a while since you had to price out new chemistry or biology lab equipment. 

Technology is different. Manufacturers are different. 

For most school science labs, you’ll get the best value if you take these tips to heart:

1. Look for multi-function equipment.

Students and teachers prefer equipment that can support many experiments and activities, like the MagFuge Multi-Function Centrifuge Bundle. Multi-function bundles are the best value for schools at any level, from K-12 and into higher education.

2. Skip the bells and whistles.

Some manufacturers build unnecessary, fancy features into science lab equipment when what you really need is reliable, long-lasting, durable, functional, and good-looking. If you can’t easily imagine how a feature would benefit your teachers or students, it’s not worth your budget.

3. Stick to American-designed.

You can outfit a school science lab on a budget with equipment that's mass-produced overseas. But students will know it’s cheap. It will need constant maintenance. And you’ll have to replace it sooner than you want. Our designed-in-America benchtop lab equipment is tested by 3rd parties, achieves near-100% reliability, and comes with a 5-year warranty.

Click below for a quote on school science lab equipment that aligns with these 3 tips.

Move antique lab equipment to the history department.

When students feel valued, they get engaged. They’re more open to learning. They’re less cynical about their education.

When teachers see you investing in their success, giving them new and better tools, they’re happy. They don’t look for work at another school. And staff turnover drops off a cliff.

Every kid is a scientist. Don’t stand in their way.

Every kid wants to understand how and why and what. 

They get older, and those questions get a little bigger. Harder to explore. They need the tools that enable them to continue pursuing answers. 

But every day a bit of that pursuit drains out of them when they don’t have access. When they can’t nurture the exploration. When they’re stifled by their surroundings. 

You can help them be their best selves and put them on a trajectory to do amazing things. And it doesn’t take an impossible budget. 

You just have to be thoughtful with how you spend it.

We can help with that.

Breathe new life into the school science lab.

Choose school science lab equipment that looks fun. Dare we say…even cool!

Students don’t live in a beige world. Don’t make science beige.

Choose equipment that doesn’t break. 

We don’t want to fix anything we make. You don’t want to have to repair it. So we build it to keep both of us happy (and we give you a 5 year warranty just to be sure).

Choose equipment that doesn’t take up space. Many of the most common school science lab equipment we build has a smaller than usual footprint. It’s how you use valuable space better.


Choose equipment that’s easy to use. 

Students don’t want a long learning curve. They want intuitive equipment that helps them achieve an outcome. An experiment. Eureka! That’s what we build.