Food and Beverage

Help your team work smarter, faster, and respond to consumer demands.

Here’s what your food and beverage industry lab is likely targeting this year.


• Increasing the number of new products that reach market within the next 12 months.

• Getting products, both new and improved, to market faster.

• Finding ways to make more products with clean label claims like non-gmo or low sodium without losing texture or taste.

• Reducing waste (in production, on grocery shelves) while also reducing preservatives. 

• Looking for ways to use more sustainable ingredients to respond to consumer demands (you definitely have a lot of research around whey protein concentrate happening right now). 

You have the best team of R&D and QC scientists in your food lab. But they’re using the same lab equipment and supplies they’ve always used.

How can they do things differently if everything is the same as it always is in the lab. 

How can the business outpace competitors without lab equipment that’s built to do things differently?

We build lab equipment and supplies for food product manufacturers that want to innovate and surpass goals this year.

Lab equipment that’s easier to use, takes up less space, is color coded for easy organization, and helps everyone in the lab work better together.

4 tips to use your budget better and equip your scientists to meet business goals

It’s a balancing act. Giving scientists what they need to innovate without exceeding yoru budget. The business needs to be profitable. And it’s one of the reasons it’s difficult to push and achieve those annual targets. 

But if they have what they need, and you can get it for them within your budget, you’ll be a legend at work.


1. Look for multi-function equipment.

Space in the lab is limited. And friction between workers sharing equipment is one of the reasons food and beverage labs don’t meet their goals. Use space better with multi-function equipment like the MagFuge Multi-Function Centrifuge Bundle.

2. Skip the bells and whistles

Some manufacturers build unnecessary, fancy features into lab equipment when what you really need is reliable, long-lasting, durable, functional, and good-looking (we’d rather work in a world of color than a landscape of beige and white instruments). Bells and whistles and brand names are not worth your budget.

3. Trust concrete quality guarantees.

You can outfit more lab benches on a budget with equipment cheaply made overseas. Students will know it’s cheap. It will need constant maintenance. And you’ll have to replace it sooner than you want. So look for long warranties. At least 3 years. But longer, like our 5-year warranty on lab equipment, is better. In most cases, the 5-year warranty covers your equipment for more than half their useful life.

4. Pick something colorful.

Somewhere along the line, lab equipment manufacturers decided it was important to be boring. But we’ll pick blue over beige any day. And color-coding helps keep the lab more organized, which always leads to better R&D outcomes.

The business is reworking its supply chain. The lab should be part of that.

If the business you work for is like most food manufacturers, management is rethinking sourcing assumptions.

If ingredients came from other countries previously, how can those ingredients come from closer? Maybe even domestically?

More than ¼ of food manufacturing business are changing sourcing and manu9facturing sites right now. A reliable chain of custody is more important than ever.

The same goes for food manufacturing lab equipment. And the case has already been made for this approach to improving your internal supply chain. 

So switching to a more reliable lab equipment provider, like us, fits with your business’ goals.

Where can your lab save budget on food manufacturing lab equipment?

Your benchtop lab equipment can be a huge source of budget savings, productivity growth, and job satisfaction.

They’re the things lab technicians use all day every day. They become invisible. But you can save budget in two ways with them.

Lower purchase prices

Lower maintenance requirements.

And you can save on the supplies that keep your lab working.

So while the business is reevaluating its ingredient sourcing, you can reevaluate your lab supply sourcing too. And contribute to the overall success of the business based on its goals this year.