Help your team cope with the demands of legalization in new states, and blooming consumer demand.

More states are legalizing adult-use, recreational, or medical cannabis every year. 

In Fall of 2022 alone, 6 states are on the brink of legalizing. 

That probably means cannabis businesses in the US will grow, and so will the labs responsible for all the science - testing and product development.

If you want to scale your existing lab, or launch a cannabis business inexpensively and scale alongside your growth, you need a cannabis lab equipment supplier that can understand and support your goals.

4 tips to equip your lab so you can balance regulatory requirements with customer needs and scientific integrity

It’s a balancing act. Whether you’re a cannabis testing lab or cannabis research lab, you’re always aware of the regulations, the customers, and your integrity. 

And that’s enough to worry about. Equipping your lab with the right supplies and everyday equipment should be easy. So here’s how we can help you make it easy.

1. Save space and budget with multi-function equipment.

Space in the lab is limited. So is budget (most cannabis labs say equipment and supplies are the largest budget consumers by far). So use space and budget better with multi-function equipment like the MagFuge Multi-Function Centrifuge Bundle.

2. Skip the bells and whistles.

Some manufacturers build unnecessary, fancy features into lab equipment when what you really need is reliable, long-lasting, durable, functional, and good-looking (we’d rather work in a world of color than a landscape of beige and white instruments). Bells and whistles and brand names are not worth your budget.

3. Look for concrete quality guarantees.

You can outfit more lab benches on a budget with equipment cheaply made overseas. Lab workers will know it’s cheap. It will need constant maintenance. And you’ll have to replace it sooner than you want. So look for long warranties. At least 3 years. But longer is better. Like our 5-year warranty on lab equipment. In most cases, the 5-year warranty covers your equipment for more than half its useful life.

4. Pick something colorful.

Your job is easier when everybody is happy in the lab. There are lots of factors contributing to that happiness, like making sure workers feel valued, and there’s enough equipment in the lab so workers aren’t butting heads over priorities. The lab space itself is remarkably impactful. We live in a world of color. So make your lab bright, colorful, and positive. Plus, color-coding helps keep the lab more organized, which always leads to better outcomes.

Where can your lab save budget on cannabis lab equipment?

Your benchtop lab equipment can be a huge source of budget savings, productivity growth, and job satisfaction.

They’re the things lab technicians use all day every day. They become invisible. But you can save budget in two ways with them.

Lower purchase prices

Lower maintenance requirements.

And you can save on the supplies that keep your lab working.

So while you have to balance regulations, customers, and science, you don’t have to think too hard about the everyday supplies that keep the lab running.

Create that better test method. Discover the products that increases profits.

Testing labs are working on robust test methods that support quality control and speak to consumers’ product knowledge. Cannabis consumers are more educated about the fine details of the product than many other consumer groups. 

Research labs seek discoveries. To make the next product that will capture more of the market and increase the profitability of the business.

We take a burden off the shoulders of cannabis testing labs and cannabis research labs so you can spend more time focused on what you care about and less time on logistics.