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Product Code:120250

UPC Code:HS120250

Clear and informative product safety information.

The information provided on the front of each bottle is specific to the product contained and includes the following — the Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) No., National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes and symbols, Protective Equipment Symbol (PES), Target Organ Information and Hazard Codes. You also have the option of using other liquids within the bottles and creating the appropriate safety information on the outside of the bottle by using the ‘Self Labeling’ versions. The closure and stem are molded in one piece to make them leak-proof. The angled neck and tip provide a uniform stream of liquid and the tip can be cut back if required to increase the flow.

  • Wide bottle mouth makes filling easier
  • Non-metallic vent that prevents the risk of solvent leakage
  • With the exception of the bottle designed for Sodium Hypochlorite, which is a white LDPE bottle for light protection and has a HDPE closure, the bottles are made from LDPE, with a PP closure
  • Six named chemicals, a self labeling and assorted pack of bottles to choose from
  • 500 mL bottle size
  • Supplied in packs of 6
Assorted Pack includes one of each, Acetone, Distilled Water, Isopropanol, Ethanol, Sodium Hypochlorite and a Self labeling bottle
Self Labeling Bottles must only be used with chemicals that are safe and compatible with LDPE

  • USD $49.00 /Pack
Upc Code Code Description Color Availability Quantity
HS120250 120250 Acetone Red In stock Pack
HS120251 120251 Distilled Water Natural In stock Pack
HS120252 120252 Isopropanol Yellow In stock Pack
HS120253 120253 Ethanol Natural In stock Pack
HS120254 120254 Methanol Green In stock Pack
HS120255 120255 Sodium Hypochlorite Blue In stock Pack
HS120256 120256 Self Labeling Natural In stock Pack
HS120257 120257 Assorted 6/pk (one of each) Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Natural In stock Pack